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Ilôt Pasteur

The project has a high importance to Monaco’s Government and the Prince. We had short deadlines to finish the structure. The 3D workspace of Advance Design was useful as it helped us s…

By Yassine Talmi & Olivier Ruhlmann


Monaco, Monaco


CIOLO bridge

The “Ciolo” Bridge retrofitting and consolidation project aims to achieve the following minimum goals: 1)    Structural consolidation 2)    Seismic …

Claudio Giancane


Otranto, Italy

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Hourglass-shaped viewing tower (one-sheet hyperboloid) with height: 34.0m designed on the plan of a regular hexagon with a side of approximately 7.0m, building area: 126,75m2. Foundation of …

Piotr Bilo

Projektowanie budowlane Robert Czech

Puławy, Poland

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Multi-program building with a complex morphology. Reinforced concrete framework with a multiplicity of load transfer levels. The dimensions of the building are 120 meters by 80 meters, with …

Matthias Carrière

Atelier Masse

Angers, France

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Bâtiment de chirurgie ambulatoire et de consultations

The building extends over 8000 m², divided into 4 levels with a central patio providing maximum natural light. The facades of the last two levels are cantilevered and recovered by large…

Sawssan Derrou


Bordeaux, France

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Aviation Service Steel Hangar

The scope of work for this project is the structural analysis and design of an aircraft maintenance facility located in Abu Dhabi Airport, UAE. The facility is composed of a steel hangar in …

Adel Sfeir, Alain Moussa

Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering

Abu Dhabi, Lebanon

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Behavior of the building during an earthquake

The main objective consists of the study of all elements and show the behavior of the building during an earthquake. This project is supposed located in the area of Amchit lebanon, it consis…

Georges Rkaiby


Amchit-Lebanon, Lebanon

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