Nursery School

An extension of the primary school building in Suchowola by a kindergarten division has been designed.

Radosław Duda


Suchowola, Poland

The extension was designed by connecting both buildings through the existing communication staircase, which is also one of the evacuation routes for the school building.


1.Built-up area – 504.73m2

2.Total surface area – 504.73 m2

3.Usable area – 425.94 m2

4.Volume: 1487.79 m3

The building is designed in traditional technology, with ceilings poured on site.

Load-bearing wall system – mixed

Number of underground storeys – none

Number of above-ground storeys – one

Roof structure – reinforced concrete ceiling

Geotechnical category of the building – I. Soil and water conditions – simple.

– foundation concrete: C8/10

– concrete of floors on the ground: C12/15

– concrete of state “0”: C20/25, C25/30 – foundations

– foundation walls: concrete blocks category I, fb = 20 Mpa / reinforced concrete wall C20/25

– Above-ground structural walls: silicate blocks NP25 20-1800 with fb = 20 MPa

– concrete of above-ground structural elements (columns, stringers, cores, floor slabs): C20/25

– maximum diameter of aggregate used in concrete mixture 16mm.

– reinforcement steel: B500A; B500SP

– wood: C24

User benefits:

Full data exchange with Revit, possibility to directly transfer the model, including load and combination cases to Advance Design.

Great time savings and clear programme, easy modification of geometry from within the programme. Possibility of transferring results to Revit.