Outbuilding with residential section

The project envisages the construction of an outbuilding with a residential part made using traditional technology.

Łukasz Halastra



The building’s ground floor plan is rectangular in shape. The maximum dimensions after the outer contour in the ground floor are approximately 33.2×12.85m.

There is a steel canopy over the utility area. The main load-bearing element is steel truss girders braced by vertical braces. The trusses are supported by steel purlins made of hot-rolled profiles.

Above the residential part, the roofing is in the form of a wooden rafter framing made of solid wood with a maximum moisture content of 12% formed in accordance with the roof pitch. Roof slope angle 15.o.


User benefits:

– the 3d model helped to better identify potential problems (the building has numerous overhangs)

– AD helped to quickly select the necessary reinforcement in the beams and columns,

– Actual reinforcement was used in places to reduce local deflections