Retail and service building

The project provides for the construction of two commercial and service buildings, 4 storeys high with a hotel on the 3rd floor and an underground car park.

Lukasz Halastra

Biuro Konstrukcyjne Karol Kaczmarek

Mszana Dolna, Poland

Both buildings are structurally independent with respect to each other (stage I and II), the whole designed in monolithic reinforced concrete technology. The whole has a rectangular shape in the ground plan with numerous cut-outs, ultimately creating an irregular polygon with dimensions reaching approximately 41.6×52.2m (the maximum dimension counting two stages simultaneously).

User benefits:

Advance Design allowed the structure to be modelled efficiently and the biggest problems to be detected quickly. Exporting to an IFC file allowed a better presentation of the structural layout to the architects, as well as the creation of a spatial model in Allplan, in which work on the detailed design (3d reinforcement) continued.