Our mission & culture

We help construction and manufacturing professionals to achieve their digital transformation by providing BIM and Industry 4.0 software and consultancy with 700 employees in 18 countries.

Our culture | GRAITEC Group

Our mission

Empower construction and manufacturing professionals to digitize and industrialize their processes to improve performance and build a sustainable tomorrow.


Our Culture

Our culture | GRAITEC Group

The way we work

Graitec was started from scratch 30 years ago and we now have more than 700 employees in 18 countries.

Growth is at the heart of our story, and so is Agility. We are always making sure we move quickly and fluidly in a way that is truly customer-centric to stay relevant in an ever-changing world—both locally and internationally.

Our conviction? Innovation is the key to unleash the power of truly great design, optimize resources, and plan better in the construction industry, taking building to new highs thanks to simulation, industrialization, inconsistencies removal, and truly transformative technologies.

Finally, we focus on responsibility, because commitment towards a better, more sustainable world and work environment is part of modeling a future we all want to be part of!

The way we behave

At Graitec, we value ambition and engagement : we believe that to really make a difference, one needs to think big and act boldly. United all across the world in One Graitec, we work, innovate and serve our customers with our signature positive energy.

Our vision on digital transformation

Construction represents 13% of the global GPD, yet, its productivity remains very low. We believe in digital transformation in the construction sector not only because we believe in innovation, but first and foremost because we believe in results.

Digital transformation for us isn’t just about tech. It’s also about new ways of working and a new way of thinking and executing your projects, from optimized workflows to saving literally every resource : time, money, and raw materials.

We believe digitalization is the key to building a better, more sustainable tomorrow while allowing our client to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Our culture | GRAITEC Group

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