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GRAITEC Affirms Commitment to Sustainable Architecture Through Support of Global Award

[Paris, 23rd of April 2024] – As a steadfast advocate for sustainability in the built environment, GRAITEC proudly announces its support for the 2024 edition of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture™ (GA), in partnership with Saint-Gobain. Held on April 19th in Venice, this exclusive event celebrated the innovative contributions of architects dedicated to shaping a more sustainable future.

At GRAITEC, we believe that sustainability is the cornerstone of modern architecture. We are committed to modeling the future by championing green initiatives while maintaining the highest standards of iconic design. Through our collaboration with Saint-Gobain, a global leader in light and sustainable construction, we reaffirm our dedication to driving positive change in the construction industry.

The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture™, founded by architect and researcher Jana Revedin in 2006, serves as a beacon for promoting sustainable solutions in architecture. This prestigious award recognizes architects who prioritize ecological responsibility and social consciousness in their work, aligning with GRAITEC’s values of innovation and sustainability.

Under the theme “Architecture Is Education,” the 2024 edition of the GA highlighted the transformative power of education in shaping sustainable architectural practices. A distinguished panel of international architects and researchers, including Prof. Dr. Jana Revedin and Marie-Hélène Contal, selected five visionary laureates whose work exemplifies a deep commitment to sustainability and education.

The 2024 GA laureates are as follows:

  • Iyas Shahin and Wesam Al Asali, founders of the IWLAB laboratory (Syria)
  • Andrés Jaque, founder of the Office for Political Innovation (Spain/USA)
  • Marina Tabassum, architect (Bangladesh)
  • Ciro Pirondi, co-founder of L’Escola da Cidade (Brazil)
  • Klaus K. Loenhart, director of the Institute of Architecture and Landscape in Graz (Germany/Austria)

These architects embody a commitment to architectural innovation and education, driving forward sustainable practices that address the evolving needs of society.

As part of our support for the GA, GRAITEC invites audiences to discover the profound impact of the laureates’ work. Explore the visionary contributions of these architects and their projects, showcasing a diverse range of sustainable design solutions.


About the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture™:

Founded in 2006 by Jana Revedin, the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture™ promotes sustainable development principles and a participatory approach to architecture worldwide. The GA symposium is held under the patronage of UNESCO, highlighting its global significance in advancing sustainable architectural practices.

Official Partner: Saint-Gobain

Other partners:

  • Università Iuav di Venezia: Institutional Partner – Scientific Committee
  • École Spéciale d’Architecture: Institutional Partner – Scientific Committee
  • Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana: Institutional Partner – Scientific Committee
  • Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University: Institutional Partner – Scientific Committee
  • GRAITEC GROUP – Private Partner
  • Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine – Institutional Partner
  • ArchiTangle – Editorial Partner

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Discover the 2024 Laureates: Explore the visionary contributions of the 2024 GA laureates and their projects here