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GRAITEC Announces the Release of Advance Design 2025: Pioneering the Future of Structural Analysis and Design

June 2024 – Paris, France – GRAITEC, a leading global software company in the construction and manufacturing industries, proudly announces the launch of its latest structural analysis and design software, Advance Design 2025. This state-of-the-art software is continuously developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of structural engineers, enhancing their workflow and making their work more efficient. 

GRAITEC Advance Design is a leading structural analysis and design software tailored for construction professionals, offering powerful tools for simulating and analyzing a wide range of structural elements and systems, including steel, concrete, and timber structures. The software features advanced capabilities such as finite element analysis, dynamic and seismic analysis, and detailed design capabilities for various international standards. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality make Advance Design ideal for optimizing complex engineering projects, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and enhancing overall design efficiency. The software is specifically designed to be easy to adopt and simple to use, aligning with the ambition to facilitate user accessibility and streamline the engineering process.

Advance Design 2025 enhances structural engineering capabilities with new features that streamline workflows and improve project outcomes. It offers increased flexibility and control by allowing precise adjustments to structural elements, leading to more accurate analyses. The software introduces a more efficient load distribution method for quicker and more reliable calculations. Additionally, it supports sustainability efforts with optimized modeling tools for solar panel structures, bolstering the design and analysis of renewable energy projects.

Steel Structure Design

This release brings significant advancements to the design of steel structures. Advance Design 2025 now includes the ability to model new cold-formed sections, such as double C and double Sigma, essential for modern construction projects. These sections are verified according to international standards, ensuring that designs meet rigorous industry requirements and enhancing the reliability of steel structures.

Timber Structure Design 

Advance Design 2025 offers valuable improvements for timber structure design. The software now supports the verification of single tapered timber beams, adding flexibility and precision to timber projects. Additionally, the verification process for timber elements has been significantly accelerated, allowing for faster project completion and more efficient resource use.

Concrete Structure Design 

Advance Design 2025 increases the speed of reinforcement calculations, leading to more efficient project workflows. New features for automatic strip generation on reinforced concrete slabs simplify the design process, while the inclusion of verifications for confined and reinforced masonry walls broadens the software’s applicability to a wider range of construction projects.

Modelling Capabilities 

In line with GRAITEC’s commitment to sustainable development, the software includes tools for rapid modeling of typical structures for solar panels, making renewable energy projects easier to design and analyze. Additionally, the software supports importing data from Excel, allowing for seamless integration of external information and improving the overall workflow.

User Experience 

The software now allows users to configure keyboard shortcuts to match their workflow preferences, making it more intuitive. Additionally, the new mechanism for creating reports using the native DOCX format simplifies documentation, while the easy display of envelope values for result tables enhances the analysis process.

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We are thrilled to introduce Advance Design 2025 to the market. Our team has worked tirelessly to incorporate the latest technological advancements and user feedback into this release. Our ambition is to make the software easy to adopt and simple to use. We believe Advance Design 2025 will set a new standard in the industry, empowering engineers and designers to achieve their vision with greater efficiency and precision.

Manuel Liedot, CEO of GRAITEC


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