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GRAITEC centers sustainability with Advance Design 2024

May 2023 – GRAITEC, an international software developer for AEC, is delighted to release Advance Design 2024.

Advance Design is a comprehensive structural analysis software that offers advanced features and capabilities for engineers. It provides accurate calculations, efficient workflows, and a user-friendly interface, making it a reliable choice for complex structural projects.

2024 updates to Advance Design enhance your engineering team’s agility while responding to an industry-wide call to center sustainability. Offering the capability to run carbon analysis on multiple versions of your project, Advance Design 2024 helps teams save time and offer customers valuable insights on cost, efficiency, and carbon emissions. Advance Design 2024 also empowers the use of sustainable materials and approaches your projects from a sustainable perspective through timber design, cold formed sections, and cost estimation functionalities. Thanks to Advance Design, digitizing and industralizing projects has never been simpler.

Carbon emission estimations center sustainability

With Advance Design 2024’s CO2 Emissions Calculator, users can facilitate the determination of embodied carbon values for structural elements and construction materials, helping designers to better assess their environmental impact.

The fundamental principle of an embodied carbon calculation is typically to multiply the quantity of each material type by a carbon factor (normally measured in kgCO2e per kg of material). As the embodied carbon associated with the production stage is the largest contributor to the embodied carbon of a structure, measuring production stage carbon factors (carbon factors for the production stage – modules A1-A3), is how these calculations are determined.

We can now define carbon factors with Advance Design 2024. The general procedure for defining data for CO2 estimation is to prepare a list of data sets with specific carbon factors, and then assign them to individual materials or optionally to structural elements.

Calculation results are available in both graph and report table formats. Graph results for Cost and Carbon Emissions are directly accessible on the Results ribbon for easy access. With Advance Design 2024, structural engineers can now optimize their projects based on carbon emissions to build better and faster.

New cost estimations help teams win more business

New currency unit settings in Advance Design 2024 allow users to correctly set a currency used for accurate cost estimates. You can find this new functionality under the Unit Settings Window as Currency.

Advance Design 2024 also defines unit prices. Preparing the list of data sets with unit prices is now made easy with the help of a dedicated Unit Prices Manager, located in the Materials and Sections group in the Manage ribbon.

Even better, we now offer Clear Cost Results, helping you win business through greater transparency. The results of the calculations are available in both graphic and report table formats. For the graph results, check the Results ribbon to discover a new section for Cost and Carbon emissions.

Responding to the changes you need to build better, Advance Design 2024 also comes with a vast number of additional improvements and adjustments based on feedback from thousands of users worldwide.

New technical updates add additional functionalities

Enhanced analysis of timber structures acc. Eurocode 5 by increasing the scope of verification, including new Eurocode checks for bearing, notches and compound sections, as well as the optimization of timber elements according to the deflection.

Upgraded steel structure design capabilities allowing for design checks of cold form sections acc. American AISI code, web buckling analysis sections acc. Eurocode 3, and new welded truss tube connections.

Enhanced concrete structure design capabilities with new options and improvements to RC design modules, including additional shapes of bars for RC Slab, new drawing capabilities, and transferring rib results to RC Beam.

Updated user experience and the comfort of program operation through introducing improvements to facilitate everyday work, including templates for selections, new commands for faster selecting, and filtering sections on databases.

Thanks to these latest evolutions, Advance Design 2024 allows you to build more responsibly streamlining the design process and helping you to optimize structural performance.



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