GRAITEC Joins Autodesk's Sustainability Tech Partner Program

June 21, 2024 – GRAITEC, a global leader in BIM, simulation, fabrication, and data management software for the AEC industry, is thrilled to announce its inclusion in Autodesk’s prestigious Sustainability Tech Partner Program (STPP). This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize sustainability in architecture, engineering, and construction through cutting-edge technology and data integration.

A Collaboration for Sustainable Innovation

The collaboration between GRAITEC and Autodesk marks a significant step forward in the drive towards sustainable building practices. By joining forces, both companies are committed to creating an ecosystem that enhances sustainability services and data integrations on the Autodesk platform.

The program is designed to fill existing gaps in sustainability workflows and provide customers with critical data and intelligence to support sustainable decision-making.

  • Building an Ecosystem: Develop a comprehensive network for sustainability services and data integrations that leverage the strengths of both GRAITEC and Autodesk.
  • Enhancing Workflows: Address and improve current shortcomings in sustainability workflows to make sustainable practices more seamless and accessible.
  • Empowering Customers: Equip customers with robust sustainability data and insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve better environmental outcomes.

As part of this collaboration, GRAITEC and Autodesk will work closely to share insights and development priorities through a shared technology framework and provide comprehensive technical support and training to integrated and extend Autodesk platform capabilities. The collaboration will strengthen connections between development teams, enhancing collaboration and innovation. Additionally, they will engage in co-marketing efforts, and join a cohort of sustainability leaders to raise awareness and drive the adoption of sustainability-enabling technologies.

As part of the Sustainability Tech Partner Program, GRAITEC and Autodesk will focus the development of new solutions on three key impact areas to better serve their customers:

  • Energy & Materials to facilitate better energy and materials choices to reduce carbon emissions and waste.
  • Health & Resilience promoting the design and creation of safer, healthier, and more resilient products and places.
  • Work & Prosperity promoting equity and access and equipping professionals with future in-demand skills.


GRAITEC provides top-tier BIM, simulation, fabrication, and data management software to AEC & MFG industry professionals. Our solutions help architects, engineers, and construction professionals create innovative and sustainable buildings.


About Autodesk 

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