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GRAITEC Pioneers Data Integration for Construction Professionals

October 3, 2023 – GRAITEC, a Platinum Autodesk partner and leading software developer of innovative technology solutions for the construction and manufacturing industries, is pleased to announce the release of its cutting-edge cloud application GRAITEC Data Connect. This unified platform is set to empower construction professionals by seamlessly integrating data from various platforms, including project management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

In construction today, the ability to harness and harmonize data from diverse sources is paramount. Project managers, finance teams, and stakeholders require real-time access to information to make informed decisions, enhance productivity, and optimize project outcomes. GRAITEC Data Connect cloud application addresses this pressing need for data integration, bridging the data gap for construction professionals.

Gary Edwards, GRAITEC Group Solution Director, highlighted the importance of this breakthrough:

The construction industry relies heavily on data, yet frequently this data remains compartmentalized within various software systems. Our innovative cloud application will help construction teams to effortlessly sync data across various systems, unifying project management, ERP, and other vital information via our integrated platform. This not only optimizes operations but also enhances collaboration and facilitates data-driven decision making.

Scott McMaster, GRAITEC Group Executive Vice President of North America, emphasized the significance of this innovation in the region, stating,

The construction sector in North America is continually expanding on its digital innovation journey. The data integration capabilities of GRAITEC Data Connect will serve as a crucial catalyst in helping companies efficiently achieve their project and business goals.

Angi Izzi, Autodesk Senior Director of Partnerships and Digital Sales, applauded GRAITEC for the launch of the GRAITEC Data Connect cloud application:

This innovative solution is a game changer for construction companies, offering streamlined processes through seamless data integrations. The Graitec Group commitment to empowering the industry with such transformative tools is truly commendable and aligns perfectly with Autodesk’s vision for the future of construction and our supporting partners.

The GRAITEC Data Connect cloud application is poised to help construction professionals access, utilize, and leverage data in their daily operations. With its release, GRAITEC Group reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive progress in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

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