Graitec to continue bringing value and support to Advance Steel | GRAITEC Group

Graitec to continue bringing value and support to Advance Steel

At Graitec, we take pride in our global support team with more than 300 technical experts in more than 15 countries. Following Autodesk’s communications around advance capabilities for Steel Detailing and Design in BIM, we remain committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences to all of our clients in the steel industry.

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As the original inventor and developer of Advance Steel, GRAITEC has always pursued its development and customer support efforts alongside Autodesk. Very close to the Advance Steel user community, GRAITEC has enriched Advance Steel (and will continue to) with a PowerPack offering hundreds of functionalities and helping steel designers and detailers to meet their production challenges while respecting quality and productivity constraints.”

Says Joseph Pais – CPO at GRAITEC.

To further invest in the steel industry, Graitec is dedicated to providing solutions that boost productivity and return on investment. With our coming release 2024, the Powerpack for Advance Steel ensures users can benefit from a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the value of their Advance Steel experience.

Designed to optimize the daily operations of AEC professionals and maximize project efficiency and productivity, Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel is more than just a plug-in.

For 10 years, this user-focused extension of Autodesk Advance Steel enhances existing tools and features to deliver greater accuracy and control, making it an essential productivity tool throughout the project.

Moreover, the PowerPack offers a complete support organization for customers with dedicated Advance Steel specialists located worldwide.

The new version of the PowerPack arrives with new tools for Transmission Towers, Concrete Stairs and Easy batch plot and file naming, topping the wish list of many users, combined with the continued enhancements to present key features, Camera Creator, Camera browser, Stairs and Railings and a whole host of minor improvements.

To discover the benefits of working with a solution designed to deliver technical excellence and productivity gains for Advance Steel users, visit Graitec’s website at

Graitec to continue bringing value and support to Advance Steel | GRAITEC Group

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