GRAITEC Software solutions

First and foremost, Graitec is a cutting-edge software innovator. We believe that BIM software solutions are the future of the Built Environment Industry. From designing and selling Autodesk programs to creating new IP products to take BIM software to the next level, Graitec helps you build better.

To support this, we address our clients’ needs through customer-centric design products, training, consultancy & personalized support.

PowerPack: empower your usage of Autodesk® solutions

Our PowerPack products focus on performance and automation, helping teams reduce errors and repetitive tasks while improving operational efficiency, helping users create high quality designs, and increase profitability.

PowerPack for Advance Steel®

Take a competitive advantage in the structural design sector and steel detailing
The GRAITEC PowerPack for Steel, available for Autodesk® Advance Steel®, is a user-centric extension, enhancing Advance Steel functionalities, to optimize workflows and provide a better control and accuracy, reassuring the presence of an essential productivity companion throughout the project.

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group
GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group

PowerPack for Revit®: boost your daily productivity in Revit® with a set of multidisciplinary tools

The Power Pack for Autodesk® Revit® Standard and Professional is a series of tools to enhance everyday workflows within Revit. Many of these tools are industry neutral. Whether you are an Architect, Structural Engineer, or Mechanical Engineer, the PowerPack for Revit® will help you at each step of your project whether you are designing, detailing, or documenting, these tools will make you more efficient and consistent in your everyday use of Revit®.

PowerPack for Revit® Premium Concrete: Streamline rebar modeling process and speed up rebar detailing.
The Power Pack for Autodesk® Revit® Premium Concrete is an innovative set of tools for rebar modelling and detailing using engineering BIM data, helping users to create, design, document, track and control concrete members in a BIM project. Working to various international standards to automate the design and creation of 3D rebar cages and produce related documentation including design reports, drawings, and schedules, for common concrete Column, Beam, Footing, Wall and Slab elements.

PowerPack for Inventor®

Speed up everyday modeling and improve your workflows for all manufacturing industry
Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk® Inventor® offers an assortment of functionalities to increase control and automation. The new functionalities, coming through this extension for Autodesk® Inventor®, lead to an increase of productivity, faster modeling, and improved workflows.

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group
GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group

PowerPack for Vault®

Enhance your data management workflows and extends your existing Vault environment
If you are searching to increase productivity, speed up your Vault® data management tasks and workflows, the Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk® Vault® is the right choice. Deployment of extended data management functions, increase control and automation within Autodesk® Vault® Professional and Autodesk® Vault® Workgroup platforms.

Advance Design: a fully developed and easy-to-use structural analysis software.

GRAITEC Advance Design is a fully developed and easy-to-use structural analysis software dedicated to structural engineers working in a BIM environment. It was created by Graitec as an integral part of a professional and comprehensive BIM solution that greatly enhances the structural design process.

Models analyzed in the system can be seamlessly integrated in terms of import, export and update with other components of the solution, such as Autodesk Advance Steel and Autodesk Revit
Advance Design gives you the ability to design any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members.

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group

Advance Workshop: A True Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES)

A decision making tool that streamline exchanges between design office, workshop and site

Advance Workshop Software is a Graitec Fabricate ERP/MES solution specifically developed for the construction materials industry and all its manufacturing components, especially for on-demand production processes such as Reinforcing steel, Precast concrete, Steel construction and Aluminum railings.

Our software helps you increase your productivity and be efficient while reducing your wastes. Advance Workshop provides a constant traceability through raw material to finished product ready for delivery giving you data in real time. Optimises your factories machines productivity, transport and stock levels and conforms to all major code standards.

Advance Workshop Software uses the IT environment that best suits your requirements: single workstation, LAN, WAN, local dedicated server, virtual server, or cloud computing. Our comprehensive software solution is compatible with all technical standards worldwide and operates in multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-factory, multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-unit environments.

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group

Opentree: a “best in class” drawing and document management solution

Opentree is a standards complaint drawing and document management solution helping organisations to manage their daily work-in-progress, issuing and publication of information.

Opentree, acquired by Graitec group in 2019 has been in existence for over 20 years. Formally known as Cabinet (re-branded to Opentree in 2019), our software integrates with Autodesk Revit and manages other CAD file formats such as DWG and DGN. Opentree also integrates with Microsoft Office offering both CAD and document management.

The reason Opentree exists is to help companies implement and manage processes.

The Opentree way breaks down into 4 key pillars. 

  • Driving efficiency through streamlining manual day-to-day tasks.
  • Enhancing visibility by ensuring the right information is being viewed by the right people at the right time.
  • Improving quality by process, reviews and checks.
  • Drive compliance to any standard through automation.
GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group

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