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We are at the forefront of software innovation, spearheading the future of the Built Environment Industry. The synergy between Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solutions and sustainability is the driving force behind unlocking remarkable advancements in architectural design and sustainable construction practices.


Our mission is to empower our clients with cutting-edge tools, technologies, training, consultancy & personalized support that revolutionize the way they build.

Manuel Liedot, CEO GRAITEC Group

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group


Advance Design is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment to efficiently model, analyze, design, and detail complex structures.





Advance Design software provides a wide range of tools to solve most of your problems in your structural projects: Automatic climatic-traffic-seismic loads, advanced structural analysis, including linear-nonlinear-dynamic-time history-General buckling analysis. It supports various material types, including steel, concrete, timber, and composite materials and has one of the fastest meshing engine on the market.

Engineers can leverage Advance Design’s powerful design modules to perform steel and concrete design according to international codes and standards. It includes automated design checks and detailing drawings for RC beams, RC columns, RC slabs, RC foundations and Steel Connections.

Advance Design’s parametric modeling capabilities enable quick modifications and iterations, allowing engineers to explore various design options easily. The software also offers seamless integration with BIM workflows, facilitating collaboration and data exchange with other industry-standard software using native and Open-BIM formats. 

With its intuitive user interface and comprehensive documentation features, Advance Design enhances productivity and accuracy in the structural design process. It provides detailed calculation reports, graphical representations of results, and customizable templates for delivering professional design documentation.

Advance Design is trusted by engineering professionals worldwide for its robust analysis capabilities, extensive design functionalities, and seamless integration with other GRAITEC and AUTODESK solutions. It enables engineers to tackle complex structural challenges, optimize designs, and deliver safe and cost-effective structures in a timely manner.

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group


As a comprehensive MES and ERP system, Advance Workshop enables businesses to streamline their Steel, Rebar and Precast fabrication processes.





Advance Workshop offers tools for sales-purchases and cost management, project management, inventory control, production tracking, and CNC machine integration, ensuring efficient fabrication workflows and accurate production data. Advance Workshop is used in more than 1000 factories and integrates with the main ERP providers.

Advance Workshop includes several modules dedicated to fabrication management: BIM importation to avoid manual detailing, integrated CAD editor to modify the parts, production monitoring, fabrication optimization depending on the machines configuration and workload, Automatic machine downloading, mesh functionalities to optimize and detail RC slabs, Standard Mesh & Cold drawings management, Cut & Bend mesh elements,  optimization of the stock and commercial length, automatic nesting, automatic tags and reports creation.

Advance Workshop will allow you to bring integrity to your fabrication processes by bringing together all the sequences of the supply chain, production and technical office in the same platform. Bring transparency by knowing the situation of your business thanks to objective data from online feedback of your factory. Advance Workshop will help you to control your production and increase your productivity with improving your production processes and reducing the scraps. With Advance Workshop, move up to the Industry 4.0!

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group


Empower your Autodesk software solutions expertise with POWERPACK plug-ins!

Graitec’s PowerPack is a collection of productivity-enhancing tools for Autodesk Revit®, Advance Steel®, Vault, Inventor® and Plant 3D. It includes a wide range of features and functionalities that extend the capabilities of Autodesk® software solutions.





PowerPack for Revit | GRAITEC Group
PowerPack for Advance Steel | GRAITEC Group
PowerPack for Inventor® | GRAITEC Group
PowerPack for Vault® | GRAITEC Group
  • Deliver better projects with PowerPack, the ultimate plug-in for Revit®!

    PowerPack for Revit® is a comprehensive plugin that enhances and extends the capabilities of Autodesk Revit®. With a range of powerful features and tools, it empowers users to optimize their data workflows, increase productivity, and reduce errors through automation features. The PowerPack streamlines design processes, improves collaboration, and enables users to create high-quality and accurate BIM models. From advanced modeling and documentation tools to automated tasks and analysis capabilities, it offers a complete package for Revit® users.

  • Take a competitive advantage in structural design sector and steel detailing with PowerPack for Advance Steel

    The GRAITEC PowerPack for Steel, available for Autodesk® Advance Steel, is a user-centric extension, enhancing Advance Steel functionalities, to optimize workflows and provide a better control and accuracy, reassuring the presence of an essential productivity companion throughout the project.

  • Speed up everyday modeling and improve your workflows for all manufacturing industry with PowerPack for Inventor®

    GRAITEC PowerPack for Autodesk® Inventor® offers an assortment of functionalities to increase control and automation. The new functionalities, coming through this extension for Autodesk® Inventor®, lead to an increase of productivity, faster modeling, and improved workflows.

  • Enhance your data management workflows & extend your existing Vault® environment with PowerPack for Vault®

    If you are searching to increase productivity, speed up your Vault® data management tasks and workflows, the GRAITEC PowerPack for Autodesk® Vault® is the right choice. Deployment of extended data management functions, increase control and automation within Autodesk® Vault® Professional and Autodesk® Vault® Workgroup platforms.

GRAITEC Software solutions | GRAITEC Group


ArchiWizard helps architects and engineers to evaluate and optimize the energy efficiency of buildings during the design phase.





With its intuitive interface and advanced simulation capabilities, Archiwizard helps users assess various energy-saving strategies and make informed decisions to reduce energy consumption, improve thermal comfort, and meet sustainability goals. ArchiWizard also specifically includes life-cycle analysis (LCA) tools for the carbon impact of buildings.

Archiwizard incorporates dynamic thermal simulation and daylighting analysis, enabling users to evaluate the energy performance of building components and lighting designs. It provides detailed insights into factors such as heating and cooling loads, energy consumption, solar gains, and daylighting levels. This information allows designers to optimize building envelope design, select appropriate materials, and properly size heating systems for maximum energy efficiency. ArchiWizard’s functionalities on whole-life carbon assessments and photovoltaic energy production help reduce the carbon impact of buildings, both on the operational phases and the embodied carbon.

The software also supports various energy standards and certifications. By integrating Archiwizard into their design process, architects and engineers can accurately predict the energy performance of their buildings, identify potential energy-saving measures, optimize the thermal comfort, and demonstrate compliance with sustainability standards. With Archiwizard, GRAITEC demonstrates its commitment to providing holistic software solutions that address the environmental impact of buildings.

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Empowering construction for sustainable digitalization

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