Aamir Masood

Fabricate Product Line Senior Director



He is a structural Engineer with 39 years of experience in the Construction Industry. He is Registered as “Professional Engineer” in Ontario, Canada. Graduated from University of Illinois with majors in Finite Element Analysis. Highly skilled with Structural Analysis, Structural Drafting, and customization of CNC data for LGS Roll Formers and Wood CNC machine and bridges. During employments with multiple companies, he has provided Pre and Post Implementation planning, strategies, technical support, training, and customization support to all sorts of clients. In recent past he has also contributed to develop a cloud platform for CNC and other ERP related tasks. 

What drew you to Graitec?

I had been working for StrucSoft Solution for last 21 years. When GRAITEC approached us in 2021 to acquire the company, I strongly lobbied for it within. I saw that Graitec would be perfect match for our products. Metal Wood Framer (MWF) that I have been part of since we launched in 2008 is the market leader in LGS penalization of structures. It is complemented by a cloud platform called ONYX. The member and panel data are uploaded from MWF to ONYX and can be manipulated for number of usages namely CNC generation, Stacking and bundling to name the few. I feel that StrucSoft Solutions IPs MWF, ONYX, CMS and FRAMELAB has found a new home at Graitec.

Aamir Masood

What is your mission at Fabricate Division at Graitec

Being a Structural Engineer and well versed with the Knowledge of MWF, ONYX and CMS, I feel that I can contribute immensely to the success of Graitec Products. The Fabricate division has Advance Workshop product for Steel and Rebar. My mission is to consolidate all our products, on premise and cloud based, together to provide the best and more effective Fabrication management system to our users. BIM and data continuity is key in our industry, I strongly believe that if a person has modelled a project in any software then he should be able to transfer and link it to other software and collaborate with other professionals. I like to create a link between MWF,  Advance Design (dedicated to structural engineers), ONYX, Advance Workshop, CMS and Powerpack. I like to have all the data of these software available in the cloud so that authorized user can access the data at will and get real time updates on variety of subjects.

What is exciting at GRAIEC now

At the moment GRAITEC is operating an amazing and exciting internal transformation wonderful things are happening at Graitec. With the recent Applied acquisition, the company is poised to become the number 1 Global Autodesk reseller and an important software editor too. I am excited to be part of the growth. Graitec is also investing in its internal products to complete and verticalize the Autodesk solution. The company is committed to environmental causes and always investing in sustainable products and procedures. Graitec is also working to its products future-proof.

Aamir Masood | GRAITEC Group