Alex Micallef

General Manager, UK & Ireland



Alex Micallef is an energetic, transformational and entrepreneurial leader with nearly 3 decades’ track record of leading high performance teams within both small & large software businesses. This includes 6 years at Autodesk where he led the EMEA Media and Entertainment business. As Graitec’s UK & Ireland GM his teams are responsible for putting our customers at the centre of everything we do, to support them in their growth and digital transformation, as well as for growing our business in the UK and Ireland.

What drew you to Graitec?

When approached to join Graitec I was excited about the tremendous growth journey the company had already been on, as well as the goals and plans for the future. I could see a business that was in the midst of an exciting transformation from a number of different subsidiaries to a truly global organisation well placed to grow. I joined in the middle of the Covid Pandemic, and it was clear to see that Graitec was ahead of the curve in terms of its own digital transformation. With so many talented people across the business, at all levels, it was a no brainer for me to jump on board to help in our journey forwards.

GRAITEC | Alex Micallef, General Manager, UK & Ireland

What are your missions at GRAITEC ?

My goal is to ensure that Graitec maintains its position as the leading UK & Ireland partner of our customers to help them digitise construction, manufacturing & fabrication for a sustainable tomorrow. We’re doing this by investing in our experts’ deep knowledge and understanding of the various tools and ways of working that support customers’ desired business outcomes. As well as by being the best possible supplier of Autodesk tools, services and introducing and educating our customers on the many productivity gains that can be obtained for customers that use our own software tools.

What is your perspective on sales strategy ?

I’m incredibly proud to lead such a hardworking and effective team. Our strategy to put customers at the centre of everything we do is reflected in the fact that Graitec enjoys some of the highest subscription renewal rates of any other partner in our space. However we’re never complacent and we continue to invest our time and actions on always looking to improve ourselves, and at our ability to delight our customers.

What’s exciting at GRAITEC at the moment ?

Graitec’s phenomenal business growth, both organically and via acquisitions, over the past few years is incredibly exciting – especially as we expect to see this continue well into the future. Over the last 18 months we’ve invested in hiring a number of recent graduates as part of a sales apprenticeship scheme. Seeing their incredible personal growth and their delivery of results is one of the things that makes the UK organisation most exciting.

Alex Micallef | GRAITEC Group