Angel Fleta Gotor

Technical Consultant Specialist, Spain



Angel is a Technical Computer Engineer with the position of Technical Consultant Specialist at Graitec Spain, where Angel performs custom developments on Autodesk platforms such as Forge, Revit, AutoCad…, as well as consultant/analyst functions on integration flows between Autodesk platforms and third party platforms.  Angel likes to enjoy his family and friends and is passionate about soccer, and his motivation is to face challenges that test his skills.

What attracted you to GRAITEC?

One of my motivations is to face challenges that test my skills, and in GRAITEC I have this opportunity. Being in contact with a portfolio of clients, from different sectors, who are looking for real projects framed in the world of Industry 4.0, and having colleagues from different disciplines who contribute ideas from unknown worlds, allow me to learn and evolve as a professional continuously.

Angel Fleta Gotor | GRAITEC Group

What are your missions at GRAITEC ?

My missions in GRAITEC range from pre-sales, R&D and analysis to on-site development of projects framed in the Industrial 4.0. But I would have to highlight one, it would be the development of software in web or cloud environments, based on sets of patterns, principles and practices to solve and design the best scalable solutions to business problems.

What is your perspective on the R&D – Spain strategy ?

I believe that digitalization is the key to building a better and more sustainable tomorrow, while enabling our client to gain a significant competitive advantage. To really make a difference, you have to think big and act boldly.


What’s exciting at GRAITEC at the moment ?

The most exciting thing about belonging to Graitec is the possibility of being able to provide the best technological solution to our customers and having the support of colleagues from different disciplines that make you grow as a professional and as a person