Eric Daniel

Digital Marketing Specialist



Eric is a marketing expert with experience starting and scaling digital marketing automation and content programs. His time at a startup, in government and a marketing agency have given him a unique perspective on creating dynamic marketing campaigns.

His production and video work have helped earn Bridging the Gap the Best Construction Podcast of 2020 award and earn the marketing team the Video Marketing Program of the Year 2021 award. His awareness of current trends have resulted in his iOS messaging app’s extension claiming the #2 spot in the iOS App Store beating out Pandora, Shazam, and Google.

Meet the Team - Eric Daniel

What drew you to Graitec?

I was drawn to Graitec for the same reason I suspect many others are: seeing tremendous potential in our industry and wanting to work with others that have a “make something work, then make it work better” mindset. While I was originally brought into the company with the acquisition of Applied Software, I feel that we are aligned in our goals and values. When researching the industry, I saw a huge opportunity to reach people who were searching for innovative knowledge, and that’s where Graitec shines.

What are your missions at GRAITEC ?

I’m on a mission to help our customers acquire the confidence and knowledge to embrace the rapid changes facing the industry. Our digital content footprint must be both cutting edge to blaze the path for the innovators, and technically sound so that individual contributors in the field and office can push for and implement change. Ultimately I aim to focus and scale our vast digital content production engine to have a global impact.

What is your perspective on the marketing (US) strategy?

Marketing’s strategy has two important facets: using content to uncover and reach brand new audiences who are ready for digital transformation and nurture our known audiences to give them the confidence to raise their hand as a ready buyer. I’m excited to see our teams across the globe align on and distribute valuable resources.

Meet the Team - Eric Daniel

What’s an exciting moment at Graitec at the moment?

Graitec is on a huge trajectory. It’s exciting to see growth across the board in IP, digital content, project management, services delivery, and a host of other areas. Most importantly, I see many areas where we are leading the charge in uncharted territories of knowledge and skills.

In addition, I think it is just as important that Graitec is infusing sustainability initiatives into every facet of the customer and industry life cycle.