José Alberto Torres Jaraute

Technical Consultant Manager (Director of the Development and R&D Department) Spain



Alberto is a Manager with extensive experience (more than 30 years) in:

  • Development of Applications, Multimedia and Addins Autodesk (> 25 years)
  • Training in Autodesk solutions (> 15 years)
  • CAD Support to Clients (< 10 years)
  • IT Support to Clients (> 4 years)
  • CAD Engineer with Autodesk and CATIA solutions for companies in Aragon and as a freelancer (> 10 years)
  • Management of programming teams and project coordination (> 5 years)

This allows us to tackle the department’s development projects, consultancies, implementations and technological/R&D projects with a very broad vision and knowledge of the business sectors and their needs.

He has been able to create a development group that faces new projects and technologies (Autodesk Forge, IoT, WebServcies, VR / AR, etc.) with enthusiasm and professionalism. He always relies on his group of professionals to express their ideas, proposals and knowledge, which enriches the projects that are proposed, as well as making the group loyal by giving them leadership opportunities in them and learning.

José Alberto Torres Jaraute

What drew you to GRAITEC ?

In his day, I contacted Javier Beltran (2004) who explained his CAD company project to me and I told him that I could contribute and learn with that project, that he excited me. To this day I still think the same and contribute to the team everything that can make us grow and fulfill myself as a professional. With the possibility, always motivating, to continuously learn about CAD, programming and new technologies.

What are your missions at GRAITEC?

Manage the Development Department, provide solutions to customer development projects, Consulting for customers to detect and promote (together with the commercial) development needs, custom programming and implementation of complete solutions (Graitec and Autodesk Products, Training, Developments to measure, sectoral developments, R&D, etc.) We try to promote ourselves as the “Technological Partner of our clients” to face the technological challenges they need.

What is your perspective on the strategy?

Graitec Group strategy well directed to product and professional services. Strategy of the Department focused on the client, their needs and how we can help them achieve their goals (In some cases we show you how far you could go, Industry 4.0, with us. So that you have new goals that you did not know how to start them and with whom)

José Alberto Torres Jaraute
José Alberto Torres Jaraute | GRAITEC Group

What’s exciting at GRAITEC right now?

The portfolio of products and professional services that we have and the team that is being formed around the world. And for my department in particular, to see the professionals of the created group and myself grow, as well as the evolution and substantial improvement of the companies where we implement solutions and technologies. That help, and a lot, to consolidate Graitec and the sale of solutions in general.

Other information you would like to share?

I believe that this present and the future of my Department is a magnificent investment in these times of emerging and changing technologies. And what we can offer current and future customers.