Kevin Fox

Business Process Manager



Having graduated from university with a degree in Civil Engineering from Exeter University in the UK he started working for an engineering software company, Integer Software, and soon became involved in all aspects of selling, marketing, supporting and developing many different software products.

Working for Graitec from the UK for over 10 years his main responsibility is maintaining, optimising and updating the Graitec CRM and associated systems and business processes.

What drew you to Graitec?

I was more pulled in by Graitec as they aquired the software company, Integer Softare, which I was working for at the time.  I was particulaly excited by the IP Graitec offered and was initially involved in selling, training and supporting clients in all these packages which, as they were new to the UK marketing, was quite a challenge.

As Graitec grew and aquired more companies I moved into the IT department and helped implement a global CRM system.

Meet the GRAITEC Team -Kevin Fox, Business Process Manager
Meet the GRAITEC Team -Kevin Fox, Business Process Manager

What are your missions at GRAITEC ?

With a leading role in the IT department my mission is to create business systems and processes which allow the Graitec staff to spend time on what they do best, selling, supporting and developing the huge suite of product we sell.

Microsoft is our main provider of software solutions and I aim to leavage the large suite of business solutions and tools they offer to optimise Graitec systems and provide the best experience for our users in all areas.

What is your perspective on the IT Department’s strategy ?

I’m really proud to work for the IT department particularly at this time of huge growth and changes for the whole group.  Graitec needs to have an IT department which uses the best tools and people availale to optimse the business systems and I truly believe that is the case.

We have the best team to meet the many challenges which will come in the future and I feel we are really at the cutting edge of some of the best technology currently available on the market today.


What’s exciting at GRAITEC at the moment ?

Being able to use new technology and tools as they become available to the industry is very exciting.  Microsoft and the Power Platform is really on the front line of developing great business solutions and we’re able to use these tools and see the affect they have on the Graitec systems almost immediately.

We can quickly create workflows and processes which reduce the competitive tasks the Graitec staff have to do on a daily basis and give them the tools and system which truly fit what they actually need.

Kevin Fox | GRAITEC Group

Another info you’d like to share?

Having worked from home for over 10 years I enjoy being around for my children as they grow up.  I have some stranger hobbies like axe and knife throwing, juggling and also like to get on the rowing machine or exercise bike if I get a break in the day so forgive me if I might sometimes be sweaty during online meetings!

We have some stranger pets and count chickens and rats as part of our family.