Luis González Torquemada

Software Development Manager, Spain



He is an Architect with extensive experience in Structural Design (in Spain, the architect is the main responsible of the buildings’ structure) and development of technical applications.

He began working as a solution technical specialist in 1989. Since 1995 he develops C/C++ and C# Desktop MS Windows applications for building structural design. He is also an expert in Spanish structural regulations (CE-21, EHE-08, EAE, CTE, NCSE…) and international ones (ACI 318, Structural Eurocodes, REBAP, AISC-LRFD, AISI…) for reinforced concrete, steel, composite, wood and aluminium members.


What drew you to Graitec?

I drew to GRAITEC when Arktec was adquired by Graitec in January of 2021.

Luis González Torquemada

Luis González Torquemada | GRAITEC Group

What are your missions at GRAITEC ?

I’m the manager of a small R&D team in Spain. We develop IP local applications like Tricalc (for structural design) and Gest (for costs analysis, measurements abd budgets).

In Tricalc, I am the responsible of the ‘SIMULATE’ part of the application and the coordinator of the whole program. Also, I’m the maximum specialist for 2nd level support of the program.

I’m also involved in Advance Design development, integrated in the Calcul Team. I’ve worked in the Spanish and Portuguese National Annexes of Eurocodes for the Localization of Advance Design, focused in the steel, reinforced concrete and timber design.

What is your perspective on R&D – Spain strategy ?

I think that Advance Design and Tricalc can learn from each other. For example, some typologies present in Tricalc (and commonly used in our market) as waffle or unidirectional slabs, are not present in Advance Design. And a more integration is needed between Tricalc and other Graitec IP applications based in GTCx file format. Also, we need to explore if Gest (our costs analysis, measurements, and budgets application) can be sold in other countries.

What’s exciting at GRAITEC at the moment ?

The continuous expansion and growth of Graitec Group is exciting me. I come from a small company acquired by Graitec last year, so, to be part of worldwide company is very exciting for me. And can give me a lot of opportunities to learn and collaborate. And to progress in my career and my competencies.

Luis González Torquemada | GRAITEC Group