Oscar Bravo Rodriguez

AEC Technical Consultant, Spain



Oscar is a Technical Architect with the position of AEC Technical Consultant at Graitec Spain, where Oscar develops on Revit, AutoCad and Navisworks, as well as functions as AEC consultant for Autodesk products and specialist in ACC and BIM 360 and Dynamo for Revit.

Oscar has been trained in BIG Data as well as in Artificial Intelligence (machine learning and neural networks), which gives the development department the ability to apply these technologies in projects.

Oscar likes to enjoy his family and friends and is passionate about the movies of the Marvel universe!

What attracted you to GRAITEC?

Since I finished Technical Architecture I have continued training (Appraisals and surveys, Passivhaus TRADESPERSON, Interior Architecture, BIM Management) and after working for more than 12 years as Site Manager, I realized that my path was in the BIM methodology, so I decided to change a profession that I knew perfectly for a new professional and personal challenge. I looked for a technological company, with experience in BIM and also a Platinum Partner of Autodesk and at that moment, Graitec Spain trusted me and I made a leap to BIM! In addition, they have given me the opportunity to grow professionally by becoming part of the Development department.

Oscar Bravo Rodriguez | GRAITEC Group

What are your missions at GRAITEC ?

In my developer profile, I program in C# and Python, usually on the .NET Framework or .Net Core, Blazor WebAssembly, supported by the Entity Framework and sql, is based on design patterns such as MVVM or MVC, working with xaml to design forms WPF. While in my AEC Consultant profile, I carry out ACC and BIM 360 implementations, advanced training in Dynamo, Python and Generative Design.

What is your perspective on the R&D – Spain strategy ?

I think that with the new strategy of our department, we will be able to obtain more projects since it is posting for Industry 4.0, for developing applications in the cloud, designing in 2D and generating the models through the connection to Autodesk software desktop applications, being a flow that allows optimizing customer resources, as well as helping our customers to generate their digital twin.

What’s exciting at GRAITEC at the moment ?

For me, it would be to be able to see my colleagues grow professionally as the company grows in such a way that synergies are generated between the company and the employee for mutual growth.

On the other hand, I am also pleased to see how we can offer more services to clients as GRAITEC grows and to see how a client who has been helped with training, implementation and development is evolving and growing in its sector.

Oscar Bravo Rodriguez | GRAITEC Group