Actions in the real world

At Graitec, we believe corporate responsibility is more than just words. This is why we make sure our diversity, sustainability, and philanthropic ambitions are translated into the real world, into concrete actions. Here are some of the projects we are working on :

Our Partnership with La Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine

Actions in the real world | GRAITEC Group

Graitec is committed to modeling the future. We believe that sustainability is the future of the built environment and we are dedicated to taking action to support green initiatives without compromising on iconic design.
Graitec is proud to announce our partnership with La Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine to sponsor the 2022 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. Since 2006, the award annually recognizes five architects making strides in sustainability to enhance the way we build our future.

The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture highlights the best of sustainable architecture and inspires future innovation. By joining the award’s supporters such as Caisse des Dépôts and UNESCO, Graitec recognizes the impact of celebrating changemakers within sustainable architecture to grow the industry while supporting the interests of our planet.

Our Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

We’ve partnered with Habitat to Humanity to support their mission to empower people in the world’s poorest communities to overcome the chronic lack of decent housing.

Their vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. And they are constantly looking for new solutions that would make adequate housing accessible and affordable for all.

Actions in the real world | GRAITEC Group

1 – Our Call Out day to support the refugee’s crisis response in Ukraine

Habitat for Humanity’s staff in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia have been on the ground since the beginning, supporting refugees fleeing Ukraine to find safety and shelter. Habitat is working to alleviate the burden of finding shelter for refugees from Ukraine, in the short, mid, and long-term.

Graitec organized a global call out day to raise money and supported this action.

On the move

2 – 15 days

Rapid shelter and materials response in the first weeks after fleeing

Building stabillity

2 weeks – 6 months

Interim shelter solutions

Long term shelter

6 months +

Repurposing empty spaces and building homes

2 – Our CEO’s Give Day

Graitec has recently implemented a new ‘give day’ initiative where employees can spend a day helping a non-profit organization of their choice to build a sustainable tomorrow.

For Manuel Liedot’s (Graitec’s CEO) give day he participated in the Africa Housing Forum and was part of the jury for the ShelterTech category of the Innovation Awards.

The Africa Housing Forum is a conference that gathers major stakeholders engaged in seeking solutions to affordable housing issues under one roof to promote decent housing as a driver of economic growth.

As part of the conference, Habitat for Humanity organized an innovations awards competition.

This seeks to promote and reward the ground-breaking work of housing practitioners, product producers and policy makers to create new approaches to improve housing conditions for low-income households at scale.

3 – An ongoing journey

Today, we are working on several projects to make our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity meaningful, impactful, and long lasting.

Stay tuned !

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