Corporate responsibility

At Graitec, we believe corporate responsibility is more than just words. This is why we make sure our diversity, sustainability, and philanthropic ambitions are translated into the real world, into concrete actions.

Corporate responsibility | GRAITEC Group

Leverage the transformative power of BIM

By focusing on education, Graitec teaches Built Environment professionals about the transformative power of BIM. Graitec curates original white papers and articles explaining the many ways BIM can help take your business to the next level, whether you’re an architect, contractor, engineer, manufacturer, or facilities manager.

Expertise to transform the construction industry

Our software training programs and consultancy packages help professionals integrate this innovative technology to its best advantage by building BIM literacy. BIM files are living documents, here to serve as an ongoing guide to the needs of a structure—and they’re not only for professionals. By learning about how data-rich BIM files can help, homeowners can leverage the power of BIM to maintain their homes, reduce energy consumption, and streamline future renovations.

Outreach to inspire sustainability

Our commitment to BIM education extends to collaborations with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Cité de l’Architecture et Patrimoine that highlight the potential for BIM to have powerful, real-world results. We value the opportunity to work together to educate and celebrate the BIM’s power in transforming the way we approach design and construction.

Interested in our actions in the real world? Discover the projects we are working on.


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